Cliff’s responses to Craig Lemon’s weekly Panel Forum

If you weren't working in the comics field, what would be your dream profession?
I’ve thought about opening a part-time gynecology practice for years, but all you see is worst-case scenarios. I’ve also considered becoming a stripper. I know I have a great body because I overheard a women at the office the other day; when I walked by, she said, “What an ass.”

Is Cerebus #300 a testament to one man's vision? A landmark for comics? Just another book?
Dave Sim fully grokked Mao Tze Tung’s dictum that the journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. Now, 299 issues later, the landmark issue of this man’s—-and this aardvark’s—-extraordinary journey is upon us. So, at the end of the day, who gives a damn if Gloria Steinem reads your work? We’re living in a time when maniacs fly 767s into skyscrapers and airport security guards respond by checking the shoes of blue-haired old women, while the mayor of New York City bans smoking in whorehouses. It’s a rare pleasure to toast one of the artistically bold and brave. Salute!

Love is...?

I used to say that love was when you're willing to change the other person's colostomy bag. But someone recently pointed out that that's not love either. It's a fetish.

In terms of comics, what is a hero?
Heroism implies self-sacrifice. Not necessarily fearlessness, but courage in the face of uncertain triumph. Captain America. Daredevil. Harlan Ellison... I disagree that killing the bad guy is never justified. Letting the bad guy live is rarely justified. We just tolerate that liberal crap because it's comics.

Your thoughts on on-line comics?
Online comics? As in you publish something online and I read it? Lovely. Peachy keen. Online comics as in I publish something and you scan it, then make it available for all to see? Don’t let me catch you, bunky—-I’ll touch your cornea. File-sharing systems have made theft of intellectual property that much easier, but not a scintilla more ethical.

How can we get new blood into comics (i.e., Children, Women, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Gays/Lesbians) that aren't the usual comic demographic?
Why limit the target audience to this eclectic (and always misunderstood) ensemble? It’s xenophobic not to include pedophiles, necrophiliacs, masochists, transsexuals, frotteurs, somnambulists, and people that prefer estivating to hibernating.

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