Eye of the beholder

Clifford Meth is one of dark fiction's best-kept secrets.
Barnes and Noble

Clifford Meth has the touch.
Fantasy dark humour and ravishing detail to his characters.
Isaac Asimov meets C. S. Lewis meets Beelzebub meets...
well, Clifford Meth. Read some and then, read some more.
Ian Anderson /Jethro Tull

Razor sharp dialogue, wonderfully erotic and beautifully said.
The meaty characters appear extremely real in front of me.
Jeffrey Jones

Clifford Meth is one of the most brilliant writers of dark fiction out there today.
Bud Plant Comic Art

The way that Meth carefully controls your expectations,
then takes an almost sadistic pleasure in messing with
your mind is, artistically speaking, a beautiful thing.

Clifford Meth writes like whiskey bites:
Deceptively smooth until you realize he’s put you flat on the floor.
David Gerrold
(author of "Trouble with Tribbles")

Meth writes in pictures that make me want to draw. This is good stuff!
Joe Kubert

What separate Meth from most writers is his courage to take on sensitive issues.
I’d read anything he’s ever written.
Gene Colan

What can I say that hasn’t been said about Meth’s work except the stories are
so interesting and original that I’m looking forward to the next collection!
John Buscema

What makes Meth's work special is that it grows out of
a unique confluence of outlook, culture, comics and prose.
Walt Simonson

Meth is one of the more intriguing writers of short stories to arrive in recent years.
A damned fine writer. He does not write the easy stories.
Tony Isabella
The Comic Buyer’s Guide

Meth’s imagination, integrity and insight are touched by a dark, often perverse humor.
It’s always exciting to discover new writers on their way up—
and Meth’s course is worth charting.
Jim Steranko

Meth is a dangerous writer. He doesn’t seem to care if you like him...
You’ll enjoy making your way through his armor.
Neal Adams

Seriously, you are in for a treat.
Meth is a consummate virtuoso of the short story.
Al Feldstein

Meth’s writing is fresh and absorbing—clever and replete with surprises.
Stan Lee

Anyone who can give Barry Windsor-Smith a pissy fit is okay in my book.
Joe Staton

The only thing about Cliff’s writing that makes me crazy is the demented titles he puts on them.
They’re just so fucking bad. For a guy who writes as well as he does,
and who thinks as deeply as he does, I can’t figure it out...
Harlan Ellison

Meth’s very strange stories take mundane subjects then turn them completely around.
Marv Wolfman

I don’t know how much money the Cockrums got,
but having a friend like Clifford Meth is worth more than a million dollars.
John Romita

Cliff’s writing has attitude. While his stories are frequently angry or outrageous,
they’re all honest insights into the human psyche.
Dave Cockrum

Meth is a unique and exciting voice--funny, twisted, visionary.
His insights into character and culture are often startling
and his stories, always entertaining.
I am a huge fan.
Richard Saperstein, Exec. Producer
Se7en, JohnQ, and The Punisher

You write character dialogue like O'Hara & string words
together so effortlessly, kiddo. Kudos to you!
Love good writing--the stuff so rare in comics & animation,
my two vexing venues...I'm ossified, I'm sure, by actually reading
top story work. Last good script material handed me was 20 years ago.
Alex Toth

Cliff is a dangerously talented writer.
Pat DiNizio

Although they're called dark fiction, there's a "real" quality to
Clifford Meth's stories that lifts them up and out of his books.
And each successive story remains unique enough to make me
start another, wondering what he'll come up with next.
Steve Forbert

Clifford Meth knows things. Dark, dank, nasty things...
He doesn't scrape away the barnacles covering the hull of
human interaction so much as he lifts up the barnacles,
describes what's under them, and then puts the barnacles
back and walks away with his hands in his pockets,
whistling in the dark.
Peter David

You don't write, Clifford.
You paint deadly pictures.
Your words and sentences are like katas.
Sensei Richard Lenchus

Clifford Meth has done more to make the comic book industry better for its creators than has the collective career of many good people working within it. Those who speak much and do little struggle to fathom how some inspire granduer with few words. To them, Clifford Meth is of the unfathomable.
Michael Netzer

Saying good things about Clifford Meth
is like giving endorsements to Zorro.
Barney Dannelke

William S. Burroughs said that it's a writer's job to "Make it happen."
From comedy to tragedy, Meth is making it happen with all bases covered.
Joe Linsner

Inventive. Compelling. Original. Words you've heard before regarding
a new talent on the scene. In Meth's case, they're true.
Gray Morrow

Meth goes from strength to strength. If O Henry had lived into the era of EC Comics and Playboy,
he might have turned out something like these clever and darkly imaginative tales.
David Boswell
Reid Fleming: World's Toughest Milkman

Meth's story "I, Gezheh" should be
required reading for all baali tshuvah.
Rabbi Baruch Cohen
Chabad of Northwest New Jersey

Clifford Meth does not slide anyone into neutral.
He is a wild flower in the pseudo-orderly garden of
groundless culture—a persistently unorthodox, irreverent bloom
refusing to be weeded from or conform to the garden.
Rev. Joe Casey
Fairleigh Dickinson University

Alan Moore

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