FANGORIA article - 1/27/06

methOD cover by Steranko
"Here’s an advance peek at the cover for Aardwolf Publishing’s March release METHo.d., a collection of dark tales by former FANGORIA/COMICS SCENE contributor Clifford Meth. METHo.d. boasts visual contributions by famed artist Jim Steranko (cover and design), Steve (HAWKMAN) Lieber, Al (THOR) Milgrom, Jordan (PENTHOUSE COMIX) Raskin, Michael (BATMAN) Netzer, Wm. (THE MAXX) Messner-Loebs and Dave (UNCANNY X-MEN) Cockrum.

“The stories in METHo.d. follow the misadventures of Hank Magitz, who suffers through an ongoing midlife crisis, complete with go-go bars, hangovers, and desperation,” Meth tells Fango. “When I ‘invented’ Hank 10 years ago, I didn’t know him that well. Now that I’m experiencing my own midlife crisis, we’ve become much better acquainted. The stories are dark fantasy with political overtones.”

“We haven’t seen an all-new Meth collection since Perverts, Pedophiles & Other Theologians, which was a Barnes & Noble Horror Pick,” says Jim Reeber, Aardwolf’s publisher. “And how often does Jim Steranko give us his magic? This is an event for us.”

Asked how he snagged the celebrated publisher/artist, Meth says, “Jim and I have known each other for 30 years. I pulled a switchblade on him when I was a 15. I guess he likes me. Actually, the title of my book was suggested by Steranko—he has an extraordinary sense of drama and is very much the noir character he plays. The working title was MEAN LITTLE STORIES, but Jim pushed me. I thought playing with my last name was too cutesy, but it’s silly to argue with a legend when he’s doing your cover. If J.D. Salinger offered to write the intro, even if it were about the menstrual cycles of ballerinas in the Ukraine, I wouldn’t mind the association.”

METHo.d. also sports an introduction by STAR TREK/comic-book scribe Peter David, who opens with: “Clifford Meth knows things. Dark, dank, nasty things that most others wouldn’t care to admit they know...” Richard Saperstein, an executive producer of SE7EN, has optioned several of Meth’s stories for the big screen and calls Meth “a unique and exciting voice—funny, twisted, visionary.” Signed/numbered editions of METHo.d. will be available directly from —Tony Timpone

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