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June 29, 2005

Jeez, Cliff, I let you outta my sight for a little while and look what happens!

I must be a jinx. I recently wrote an intro for someone and his wife divorced him. (No, you idiot, not because of my intro!) Then I write an intro for you-- and look atcha! That does it! No more intros!

Heroic Harlan Ellison has more nerve than I do by asking if there's anything he can do for you. I'd never ask anything like that. I mean, what if you said, "Yeah, here's a list of stuff I need."

Usually, I wait till a guy is fully recovered before I ask if there's anything I can do. Of course, sometimes I make an exception. At my age it's not wise to postpone stuff for too long.

I just went to your website and saw that photo of you. Man, you never have to worry about making a living. You could star in any monster movie they make from now till IDT gets rich enough to call itself a name instead of three letters.

Okay, that's it. I get paid by the word and don't wantcha to go broke. Besides, you're probably miserable enuff without me making it worse.

One last word of caution, from an ol' timer--- next time anyone asks if you wanna role in a chainsaw massacre movie, for cryin' out loud, say NO!

Get recovered soon, huh? I don't have time to write any more of these furshlugginer letters!

Excels-- whatever!


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